Capabilities FAQ

Does it play uncompressed audio files from SDCard?

I have tested “streaming” playback of 8 simultaneous stereo 48kHz 16bit tracks, and couldn’t hear a glitch.

Can it run VST/AudioUnits/LADSPA plugins?

No, impossible.

Can it record audio files to SDCard?

Currently unimplemented. I expect it to be possible in the near future.

Will it support mp3 compressed audio files?

In audio production compression is generally avoided. Uncompressed playback offers more flexibility and performance, and micro-sdcards can have large capacity (though sdxc is not supported). I also fear CODEC licensing issues. Don’t wait for this feature.

Does it support General Midi or GS soundsets?

I think less “general” sounds are more expressive. Don’t wait for this.

Can it do convolutional reverb?

Hmmm, maybe you’re expecting too much. I’m not saying it is impossible, I didn’t check

Does it play midi files from SDCard

Unimplemented, not a priority in development but feasible. Reminds me a bit of the time where some webpages had a MIDI track…

Does it have Midi sync?

You mean MIDI beat clock? Yes.

You mean MIDI time code? Unimplemented but not hard to add.

You mean DIN Sync? Could be added but not without designing a circuit and soldering.