Water Dog

Water Dog is a 24h hack by Alex Walchester and Johannes Taelman – participating MusicTechFest London hack challenge – and winning the Grand Prize.

Water Dog is an experimental musical controller and instrument using a tub of water as its interface. Knobs, faders and buttons lead to a certain way of controlling sound/music, but it’s far from the only possibility. Water is an non-intimidating controller, since everyone played with water and know how it works, right?

The surface wave of the water is measured with a Freescale Semiconductor MP3V5004 air pressure sensor coupled to the water surface through a small tube. A sealed and submerged piezo disc records the underwater sound. The surface wave – analyzed with a filterbank of low-frequency band bass filters – modulates the center frequencies of a bank of band-pass filters that process the underwater sound.

Presentation at MusicTechFest London: