Axoloti Patcher

The Axoloti patcher is the software part of Axoloti, and is a workbench to compose and edit your sound algorithms and interactions. After editing, patches can be stored in the Axoloti Core, and run without a computer connection.


The Axoloti patcher object library currently offers oscillators (sine, alias-free saw, square, pwm, some noise generators, FM modulation), 1st order and 2nd order filters, envelopes, LFO’s, tables, Midi I/O, analog voltage input, PWM output, and streaming wave file playback from SDcard.

The Axoloti patcher is written in Java and works on Windows (7 or later), OSX (10.7 minimum) and Linux. This GUI actually generates C++-code from the patch, then uses GCC to create binary executable code, and uploads the executable to the microcontroller, with one single mouse-click. After uploading, the patcher “locks” the patch architecture, and parameters in the patch can be adjusted in real-time on the screen (or from a midi controller).

Do you need to know how to write code to use Axoloti? Some opinions here!

Axoloti patcher features:

  • Seamless edit/compile/upload/adjust with a simple “live” button
  • Wire datatypes for booleans (yellow), integers (green), fractional numbers (blue), and audio fractional number buffers (red)
  • Seamless readback of live data in the patch: VU-meters, chart plotter, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer…
  • Object “input type overloading”: objects can adapt to the type of connected inputs
  • Object selector with search
  • Cut/copy/paste (using plain text XML)
  • Midi mappable controls
  • Parameter modulation
  • Sub-patching (using a patch as an object in another patch)
  • Presets
  • Midi polyphonic voice allocation

Axoloti object library:

  • Input/output
    • audio input
    • audio output
    • digital in (including optional pullup or pulldown configuration)
    • digital out (push-pull or open-collector)
    • analog in
    • digital PWM outputs
  • LFO’s
    • sine
    • saw
    • square
  • Oscillators
    • sine
    • saw
    • square
    • pulse-width modulation
    • saw with sync
    • square with sync
  • Envelopes
  • Filters
    • lowpass biquad
    • bandpass biquad
    • highpass biquad
    • lowpass 1st order
    • highpass 1st order
  • MIDI
    • controller in
    • controller out
    • keyboard (incl. velocity, release velocity, polyphonic pressure)
    • bend in
    • bend out
    • channel pressure
  • Mixer
    • 1,2,3,4… channel input mixer
    • crossfader
  • Logic operators
  • Tables
    • similar as in Pure Data
  • Echo
  • Delay lines
    • similar as in Pure Data
  • Displays
    • VU-meter
    • chart-plotter
    • oscilloscope
    • bandpass-filter based spectrum analyzer (constant-Q)
    • FFT-based spectrum analyzer
  • Math
    • Logarithm
    • Exponent
    • Square root
    • Reciprocal
    • Sine/cosine
  • Distortions
    • Soft saturate (non-antialiased)
    • infinite gain clipping (alias-free)