Axoloti Control

Axoloti Control needs further development before it is ready for production, and may look quite a bit different. Since Axoloti Core supports off-the-shelf USB-midi controllers, Axoloti Control is not needed to use Axoloti Core.

Axoloti Control allows you to navigate through patches and adjust parameters away from the computer, without having to assign parameters to MIDI controllers.

It has a graphical monochrome LCD, navigation buttons, 4 endless encoders and 4-by-4 pushbuttons with LEDs.

It’s designed to enable interactions like controlling a 16-step sequencer, or as a 4-track arrangement controller, or adjusting 4 different values of one selected object like an ADSR envelope.

axoloti control


  • 128×64 pixel monochrome backlit LCD
  • dimmeable LCD backlight
  • navigation buttons (up, down, left, right, enter, back)
  • value adjust endless rotary encoder
  • 4 “channel strips” with each
    • 1 endless rotary encoder
    • 3 status LED’s (green, yellow, red)
    • 4 pushbuttons with a LED
  • STM32F1 microcontroller
  • board dimensions: 160×100 mm